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Vacuflo 260 Cental Vacuum System Power Unit - 110/120 Volts

Vacuflo 260 Cental Vacuum System Power Unit - 110/120 Volts

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Vacuflo 260 Central Vacuum Description:

The 260 power unit is the first in Vacuflo's true cyclonic series. These power units provide continuous cleaning power by separating debris from the airflow and forces 96%-98% of dirt, dust and allergens into the canister, while the other 2%-4% of fine dust particles are exhausted outside. The powerful cleaning performance will not decrease as the dirt accumulates, giving you whole house cleaning with one simple system. With a large 5.5 Gallon dirt canister and the unit being exhausted outside your home, the 260 power unit requires minimal maintenance throughout the year. 

Vacuflo 260 Features & Specs:

  • No Bags or Filters Needed
  • Requires Outdoor Exhausting
  • Large 5.5 Gal Dirt Canister
  • Removes 100% of Dust, Dirt and Allergens While Vacuuming
  • Max Air Watts: 443
  • Airflow (CFM): 116
  • Sealed Vacuum (Waterlift): 112"
  • For Homes Up To 3,000 Sq Ft
  • Quiet Operation: 70.1 dB

*Handling time for central vacuum units may take up to 3 business days.*


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