Collection: Cyclovac

100% North American Made, 10 yr. Motor Warranty, Uncompromising Quality and Performance
In 1976, the Cyclovac brand was launched, making quite an impression with its burgundy color, high performance and remarkably low noise level. The revolutionary design, impressive capabilities and undeniable reliability of Cyclovac central vacuum units took the market by storm. In order to ensure an excellent customer service, Cyclovac products have always been distributed and installed exclusively by professionals who are able to accurately evaluate customers’ needs, meet their expectations, and provide technical support.
Cyclovac is the most innovative product in the Central Vacuum world.  It first starts with the dedication and conviction of a family business, which Cyclovac is. Cyclovac is large enough to dominate its market but small enough to adapt and pay attention to the details.  Cyclovac has pride in their workmanship and never will settle for less than the best.  Cyclovac Central Vacuums are just not simply thrown together like so many others.  For instance the motors are tested for the littlest imperfections, then are balanced to precision.  The less the vibration the less likely for motor failure.  The motors are also installed with care.  All  metal screws, nuts, and bolts are backed with rubber and foam for vibration.  The tanks are rolled with nothing but the thickest metal.  The construction of the Cyclovac is metal from head to toe.  There is no plastic against metal like so many others in the industry.  Cyclovac is the most powerful, quietest, and longest warranteed central vacuum in today's market because of all of these qualities.

The Cyclovac ranges from 533 airwatts – 1300 airwatts which is the most powerful Central Vacuum in the world.  Cyclovac also offers the best features as well 

With your well-being in mind, Cyclo Vac is once again offering consumers another innovative product.  Its central vacuum system includes the Cyclofilter, a filter treated with the antimicrobial Ultra-Fresh* process. This one of a kind filter offers you a large number of benefits:

• Its ultra-fine filtration system (down to 0.1 micron) captures acarids, pollen, microbes and other particles (the diameter of a human hair is 75 microns)
• The antibacterial and antifungal properties provide cleaner, healthier air*
• It attacks odours right at the source, instead of simply masking them*
• Its filter resist deterioration caused by microbes, fungus and mold*
• It is ideal for allergy sufferers thanks to its high filtration process
• It provides unique and long-lasting protection and has anti-acarid properties