Vacuum Repairs and Tune Ups

Vacuums Suck. Does Yours?

Expert Vacuum Repair

Supervacuums has been designated as an Authorized Repair Center for many of the top brands currently being sold and is one of Buffalo's premier vacuum service providers. In fact, our company has been installing and servicing vacuums in Buffalo, Rochester, and Pittsburgh since 1982. We have installed well over 3000 systems. Our friendly customer service reps will do their best to make sure you are completely satisfied with your central vacuum.

Telephone Troubleshooting
Need an answer to a central vacuum question? Give us a call or send us a message! Most issues can be solved with over-the-phone troubleshooting and we'll be happy to help any "do-it-yourselfers".

In Home Service
​Supervacuums service techs are highly trained and skilled at troubleshooting, solving, and servicing all vacuum makes and models. From simply ensuring your system is at peak performance to solving tough clogs, we are here to help. Call one of our stores or use our "contact us" form for scheduling.

Vacuum Tune Ups

5 Point Tune Up

  1. Check electrical system
  2. Check motor suction
  3. Clear minor clogs
  4. Replace belt if applicable
  5. Clean Filters if applicable

16 Point Tune Up

  1. Check electrical system
  2. Check motor suction
  3. Service and clean motor compartment
  4. Check secondary motor or clutch assembly
  5. Clear and unclog hoses
  6. Remove and replace disposable bag
  7. Replace belt if applicable
  8. Check brush roll for wear
  9. Clean canister and or nozzle housing
  10. Clean Filters if applicable
  11. Lubricate brush roll bearings
  12. Lubricate undercarriage
  13. Inspect and replace light bulb as needed
  14. Reset circuit breakers
  15. Apply deodorizer
  16. Wax and shine

    Custom Repair

    If your repair does not fall into one of these three tune up options, custom options are available. No two vacuums or people are quite the same. At Supervacuums we recognize that and will build an option that suits your needs.

    Thank you for your message! We'll respond as soon as possible.

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