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Supervacuums Magic Carpet Refresher for Carpet and Fabric

Supervacuums Magic Carpet Refresher for Carpet and Fabric

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Magic Carpet Refresher is a natural crystal, not a powder that is designed to freshen wherever you place it; rugs, carpets, cars, closets, basements, even your vacuum bag. It is a crystal, so it will not cake up and scatter or cloud the air like powder. It will effectively eliminate musty and stale air caused by pets, smoking, cooking, mildew, and other household odors. It will also help eliminate static electricity and is non-toxic to humans and pets. Approximate Coverage: Each can will refresh over 25 rooms.


Open Small hole in top. Shake Magic Carpet Refresher lightly over carpet or area to be Freshened. Sprinkle sparingly. Wait a few minutes and vacuum up or leave the crystals in the carpet so when walked on the scent is released.


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