Miele SF-AA 30 Active AirClean Charcoal Vacuum Filter

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Miele Active AirClean 30 Active Carbon Filter.

  • Combines two Super Air Clean filters with a thick layer of Activated Charcoal to provide heavy duty trapping of unpleasant odors The completely sealed systems in Miele S142 to S168 Universal and Little Giant Uprights, when equipped with this exhaust filter, will provide outstanding filtration plus excellant odor control This is recommended of pet owners who desire better odor control. (Miele)

  • For Classic series, Dynamic series, S300-S600, S400, S2000 canisters / S7000.

  • For optimal performance change filter when it becomes full of dirt and dust; about every 12 months.

  • PERFECT FIT - Poor-fitting filters can cause dust and debris to escape from your vacuum cleaner. This replacement filter has an exact fit and multi-layer technology to prevent leakage.

  • SUPERIOR FILTRATION - Keep your home free from irritants and airborne allergens. This HEPA vacuum filter is designed to trap harmful particles, such as pollen, pet dander, and dust mites.