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Replacement Primary Exhaust Filter for Hoover Upright Vacuum

Replacement Primary Exhaust Filter for Hoover Upright Vacuum

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Hoover #303903001 Primary Exhaust Filter Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

  • Fits Models: UH70403 UH70403PC UH72405 UH72405PC UH72400 UH72409 UH72405PC XUH72400 UH72401 (with turbo tool) XUH72401 UH72406QPC UH72400FDI UH72400PDI UH72400DI UH70400CA UH72400RM UH70930CA UH70931PC UH70930 UH70935 UH70939 UH70400 UH70400FDI UH70400PC UH70400CA UH70400PDI UH70401 UH70401PC UH70400BCA UH70400BCD UH70402 UH70402TV UH70905DI UH70900 UH70900CDI UH70901PC UH70905 UH70909 UH70901RM UH70404PC UH70404 UH72405 UH72409DI UH70406PC UH70402PC UH70930FDI

  • PERFECT FIT - Poor-fitting filters can cause dust and debris to escape from your vacuum cleaner. This replacement filter has an exact fit and multi-layer technology to prevent leakage.

  • SUPERIOR FILTRATION - Keep your home free from irritants and airborne allergens. This HEPA vacuum filter is designed to trap harmful particles, such as pollen, pet dander, and dust mites.

  • For optimal performance wash filter when it becomes full of dirt and dust; about every 3 months and replace every year.


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