Lindhaus Dynamic 380 Ultra Light Commercial Vacuum Cleaner 15" Cleaning Width

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Nothing can be easier! No tools are required to replace the brush roller or toclean the base housing. The 5000 RPM brush roller is dynamically balanced. 12"Cleaning Path. The brush supports are metal with ball-bearings. Theaccessories include: extension hose 1-4 with handle, telescopic wand, crevicetool and replacement bag. In 10 seconds without any tools you can install thePatented DCS converter and the machine is ready to go to Dry Clean rugs andcarpets. The mechanical action of the brush at 5000 RPM together with theLindhaus cleaning solutions provide deep cleaning action which leaves yourcarpets and rugs SOFT, CLEAN and SANITIZED. The Dynamic has 6 stages offiltration. Available in 3 sizes and can operate on any size carpeted surface:Hotel rooms, corridors, ballrooms, show rooms, stores, restaurants, cinemas,conference rooms, etc.

Dimensions: 37.9 x 16.5 x 7.4 inches
Item Weight: 24.3 pounds