Hoover Brushroll 70832 for Windtunnel 2 Rewind & High Capacity Pet Uprights

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Hoover 70832 Brushroll 

  • The Hoover Brushroll Is Designed To Fit Windtunnel 2 Rewind And High Capacity Pet Upright Vacuums. The Brushroll Has White Nylon Bristles.

  • Designed for UH70820, UH70830, UH70810, UH70801PC, UH70805, UH70825, UH70829, UH70832

  • Also fits UH70839, UH70821PC, UH70811PC, UH70831PC, UH70816, UH70820RM, UH70805RM, UH70817

  • White nylon bristles