Cyclovac HX7515 Complete Central Vacuum Package with EL6 Power Head
Cyclovac HX7515 Complete Central Vacuum Package with EL6 Power Head

Cyclovac HX7515 Complete Central Vacuum Package with EL6 Power Head

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The Cyclovac HX7515 Complete Central Vacuum Package with EL Power Head includes all necessary accessories for your Central Vacuum system.


Supervacuums EL6 Power Head for Central Vacuum Systems


  • LED Headlight
  • H/D Brush Assembly
  • Long-Life “Poly-V” Belt
  • Reset Switch
  • Replaces Beam and others


    The 35' Dual Central Vacuum Hose is designed to fit industry typical wall inlet valves and provides on/off control of the Central Vacuum unit right from the handle. The hose body is lightweight and crush-proof, making it easier to vacuum while also reducing fatigue. This hose is highly flexible and has a soft surface with rounded corrugations to avoid damage to household furnishings without the need of a hose sock. Perfect for both fully carpeted rooms and hard floors.

    • Dimension: 35' x 6" x 12"
    • Item Weight: 19 lbs


    • Dusting brush
    • Upholstery tool
    • Crevice tool
    • Hose hanger
    • Additional floor head
    • Wand extensions
    • Holding clips

    Power Unit:

    The Cyclovac HX7515 is fit for commercial use. When installed in series, it is ideal to vacuum heavy debris and allows for the installation of multiple retractable hose inlets. When installed in parallel, it is perfect to vacuum large surfaces and will remain efficient despite an extended piping system. The motor unit which contains the second motor can be connected to the unit by two different intakes. The higher one allows for an installation in series and the lower one in parallel. It's like having two vacuum units that give you the best possible results! Equipped with our unique and exclusive DataSync technology, this model features four power levels, signals when to change the bag or empty the canister, and even indicates when mechanical maintenance is recommended.
    • Airwatts: 1254
    • Decibels in Series: 76
    • Decibels in Parallel: 74
    • Air flow in Series: 145 CFM/246.5 CMH
    • Air flow in Parallel: 248 CFM/421.6 CMH
    • Water lift H2O in Series: 230"/5842 mm
    • Water lift H2O in Parallel: 137"/3480 mm
    • Amps MAX: 14 A
    • Voltage: 240 V
    • Turbines: 4
    • Bag capacity: 4.8 IMP gal/22 l
    • Receptacle capacity: 5.1 IMP gal/23.3 l
    • Height: 41.6 "/105.7 cm
    • Diameter:14.1"/35.8 cm
    • Weight: 37.5 lb/17 kg
    • Principle: Hybrid filtration
    • Filtration: Aller-X bag & self-cleaning filter