Hide A Hose Valve Trim Kit (white)

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With the "The Retractable Hose Central Vac System", the vacuum hose is stored inside the wall. Each outlet has a hose hidden within the system´s own vacuum tubing. When you´re finished, the suction from the central vacuum unit retracts the hose back out of sight. Then, you simply carry your handle to the next inlet.

Since being first being introduced, Hide-A-Hose was a revolutionary idea.  Hide-A-Hose has never been a company happy with the status quo, so they are at it again with an all new valve design. This valve is smaller and features many improvements over the orginal valves.

Kit Includes:
  • White Inlet Valve
  • Finish Door
  • Low Voltage On and Off Switch
  • 4 Installation Screws
  • 2 Wire Nuts

Dimension: 4.4 x 6.3in