Miele Vacuum SEB 213 Floor Power Brush

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The Miele Powerbrush with cord model SEB 213-2 is equipped with long, soft bristles for your more delicate carpets. It is designed to clean low to medium nap carpets. The cog type belt provides positive power transfer from its motor to the brush roll. A special two-way swivel in the wand connector makes this powerbrush very easy to steer and maneuver for greater ease of use. The elbow has two tabs which hold this nozzle more securely in the parking slots on the Miele S500i and S600i series canisters. This powerbrush is equipped with an external wand cord for use with the SES 113, SES 110 SES 105, SES 100 electrified hoses.

Dimension:12.8 x 12 x 3.8 inches
Nozzle Weight: 2.2 lbs.
Case Material: ABS Plastics
Case Color: Dark Grey
Electrical Connection: External Cord Clips to Wand
Headlight Type: No Headlight
Height Adjustment: Floating - Automatic