Miele SF-AA50 Active Carbon Vacuum Cleaner Filter

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Miele Active Carbon AirClean 50 Filter

  • Combines the Super Air Clean filter with an active charcoal cassette to absorb odors

  • SUPERIOR FILTRATION - Keep your home free from irritants and airborne allergens. This HEPA vacuum filter is designed to trap harmful particles, such as pollen, pet dander, and dust mites.

  • Retains 99.95% of particles down to 0.5 of a micron

  • Needs to be replaced after 50 hours of use, or approximately 12 months for optimal performance.

  • Suitable for Miele S4 and S5 series canister vacuum cleaners

  • PERFECT FIT - Poor-fitting filters can cause dust and debris to escape from your vacuum cleaner. This replacement filter has an exact fit and multi-layer technology to prevent leakage.

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